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“I came out as a blogger because I read blogs that made me think I could write about my life. If those blogs turn out to have shades of truth and tints of lie, that doesn’t change the empowerment I have felt from putting my own words out there. …If those words are exposed as fanciful or fabulous, for me that doesn’t detract from the paths I have taken as a result.”
–Charlie Bucket, writing about truth and fantasy in personal blogging.

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  1. jim says:

    Hey Susan – i enjoyed reading your blog. Hey, if you go to burning man this year, you might be interested in our project! The TriBe is planning another large scale art project for Burning Man 2006, and we’d like to invite you and your friends to be a part of it. In 2006 we are going to break the Guinness Worlds Record for the longest Chinese Festival Dragon! The current record is 1.89 miles, set at the great wall of China. We will attempt to break that record by connecting 530 twenty foot body sections together on the playa.
    Made From HULA HOOPS!
    Here’s the easy part. Each section is made from HULA HOOPS – PVC SPRINKLER PIPE AND BED SHEETS… that’s It! There are no special tools or expensive materials required. You can decorate it as much or as little as you want. The fiery and animated head will be created by Burning Man artist Jim Bowers, creator of the Eyes Of Gawd.
    So build as little as 10 feet or get your whole camp together – throw a dragon building party weekend – and build a 100 footer!
    Check Out The Website
    Take a look at our step by step online tutorial. Complete with photgraphs tips, tricks and a dash of Burning Man humor. Sign up to build the dragon and subscribe to our burningdragon yahoo groups chat list. The dragon is already over two football fields long and participants are throwing out new ideas and posting their own project snapshots.
    Hugs not handshakes,
    Jim Bowers
    Project Leader

  2. Lisa Williams says:

    Charlie Bucket! The main character of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Great pseudonym, or, if real, great name.

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