• Quote of the Day

    “… It’s not that i don’t want to be engaged with meaningful conversations, but somehow, the popularity of blogging and the amount of content that people produce flips the all or nothing bit in my head. And then i started talking to some of my friends who maintain big blogs… I was startled at how… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “…let me lay it out for you: where we’re going, there are no products. There will be communities, just like there’s always been -and no room for your AJAX-featuring, web2.0-compliant, tagrified monstrosity of an interface-being-passed-off-as-a-business-model. Yes, there will be new communities that span across new amounts of geography and understanding that maintain immediate, uninterrupted connections,… Continue Reading

  • Sunday night supper and then some

    Couldn’t make wine camp, but had a super-relaxing weekend that included seeing The DaVinci Code (fair), Mission Impossible III (loved it) and, via Netflix, Bread & Tulips (loved it). Also spent a lot of time listening to my new CDs (yep,I play them in the car)–a funky 70’s Tom Moulton compliation and Mark Knopfler and… Continue Reading

  • Blog News

    Cyberjournalist: WashingtonPost says 1/3rd of referrals are from blogs. (Susan sez: Wonder what the numbers are for the NYTimes, WSJ, and SFgate?) Online Journalism News UK) says that Guardian’s Comment is Free news site is growing faster than Huffington Post–specifically, there have been more than 50,000 reader comments and two million monthly page impressions since… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “…the Gillmor Gang is a floating offshore conference of its own, operating just outside the three-mile limit of paid vendor keynotes and nonconferences. What I liked about last year’s Gnomedex and this year’s Syndicate New York was that we were able to communicate without bending so far over to the entrenched business models of platform… Continue Reading

  • Weekendalia: Saturday

    Spending time with an ill–and close–friend; baby party at the Moonstar Buffet in Daly City (both baby and sashmi were awesome!), buying books and getting a pedicure in Palo Alto (post Bay to Breakers feet needed the R&R), going to cook, watch movies and hang with a neighbor tonight. Ah, summertime.

  • Marshall Kirkpatrick: RSS to SMS

    “The world today is clearly threatened by information overload, but that’s far from the worst problem we face. The right tools for dealing with the barrage of information available can help us deal with the long list of other, more frightening problems facing humanity. One new class of tools will do just that – by… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    ” The disruptive innovation that poses the biggest threat to local media companies isn’t multiple platforms for content distribution; it’s the triumph of personal technology over mass technology. In this light, betting the ranch on an on-demand strategy is a pure and insane form of denial. (snip) A whole new world is growing up around… Continue Reading

  • In search of: Off beat Yahoo sites

    I just stumbled across Yahoo’s Shoposphere, a shopping pick list community that looks like it is off the path of the main Shopping garden. Anyone else care to post other similar, live Yahoo apps or sites that might not be readily visible from the Y! home page?