Mike Arrington: Why Squiddo ain’t no purple cow
Silicon Beat: eHarmony’s got a new CEO–#3 in a year–guess they didn’t take the compatibility test.
NY Times: Research by Anders Ericsson, an expert in expert performance, suggests people are better off choosing work based on things they love to do, since ” if you don’t love it, you are unlikely to work hard enough to get very good.”
BlogHer: ClubMom is going to hire and aggregate mommybloggers–One wonders why some of the magazine brands never managed to pull this off.
Umair: ” LinkedIn is going sideways because it’s making almost exactly the same mistakes Friendster made. ”
Digg: Take a look at BlockRocker, a mashed up geo-local service (very cool.)
Jackson West at gigiaOm:Korean social network Cyworld lands in SF, will US domination follow?

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  1. Denise says:

    iVillage does have blogs and do offer RSS feeds for those blogs… (and I’m sure you know that Redbook “lives” at iVillage thanks to the purchase a few years ago).

  2. Randy says:

    “Shall we join the ladies?
    Let’s do, let’s join the ladies
    And make one great big lady!
    Taken separately the girls can be confusing,
    But on the whole I think they can be quite amusing!
    I’d rather have one enormous lady
    With two tremendous eyes
    Than twenty – with forty – of ordinary size!
    I move we join those darling daughters
    I mean join them to each other
    And make one huge mother.
    You maintain that if she’s big she’ll be ungainly?
    I maintain that you’re a prig who spouts inanely!
    My cousin Clarissa weighed four hundred pounds
    And wasn’t fat at all
    She was in fact quite slender
    Of course she was tall, terribly tall…
    Oh, what a fine finale on such a summer’s day
    For in the damp and sultry weather
    The ladies tend to stick together, anyway (have you noticed that?)
    So, shall we join the ladies,
    I mean really join the ladies
    And make one great big lady –
    Whaddaya say? Queen Kong!”
    – Marshall Barer

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