• Noted

    Phil Windley’s got a good piece on a favorite topic: How to get Mashups, APIs right–from a WWW2006 panel Rohit Khare’s moderating. Ross Mayfield: Wikipedia ain’t dead and Nick Carr is a new DW, so there Redlight center: Create an avatar and have sex in a virtual Amsterdam. Yawn. Charlene Li: How media business models… Continue Reading

  • Sphere links on Time mag site

    Mike Arrington just pointed out the blogosphere related links provided by SF start-up Sphere on selected Time Magazine articles. Very cool, but it makes me wonder why Sphere was successful in pulling this off when Technorati, Feedster, and probably every other start-up in blogosphere land has been pitching these guys (and every other big media… Continue Reading

  • Another quote of the day

    “…If you look at the numbers, by far the biggest photo-sharing service out there is still email.” — Tabboo CEO Antonio Rodriquez on his blog, explaining how his about to be launched but embargoed was broken photo-sharing service is muy unique. (Via Jerry Michalski’s sociate, writing on why email is a survivor)

  • Blogher.org goes from start-up to role model for 2.0 biz

    Could there be any better kick-off for the recognition that women bloggers–and women-blogger positive enterprise Blogher.org–is both good practice–and big business–than the detailed–and thoroughly researched article in this Sunday’s Contra Costa Times? Lisa, J ory and Elisa hit a vein when they started BlogHer last year and now are building our a market at the… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Let’s see if I have this straight — if you weren’t part of a teeny-tiny social clique, which heavily skews well-off white men, in a small part of California, more than a decade ago, that’s ‘a major reason’ you won’t be on the A-list (‘those early dinners back in 1992/93’). — Seth Finkelstein, commenting on… Continue Reading

  • Friday Noted

    flickr is hiring Amazon launches a media browser with all the stuff you’ve bought available–it’s heavy on the Ajax and looking very cool. (Via Rubel) Diggerati: eatmyhamster and NooZ make me smile ( Dave W likes em too). WWD: Rich Stengel to run Time (congrats, dude!); Deborah Schoeneman ‘s penned a Page Six-ish gossip book.… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “…By solving a problem that you have, you, by default, have passion for the idea. And you need to have passion for the idea, because a startup will overwhelm you; it sucks your entire life away. Your friends will leave you; your dog will leave you; everybody will leave you. It’s the hardest thing you… Continue Reading

  • Yahoo! Analyst’s’ Day preso

    Here’s the 188 page preso from Wednesday’s Yahoo ! Analysts’ Day. Nothing like downloading a nice big fat deck to get the 50,000 foot view–it’s all about talent, globalization, monetization and next generation product strategy (damn right on that one!)

  • ISB: Social Networkings sites grow 47%

    David Jackson’s Internet Stock Blog reports that according to Nielson/NetRatings the top 10 social networking sites collectively grew 47% since last year ? a climb from 46.8 million uniques in April 2005 to 68.8 million in April 2006. The data includes blogs ? such as Google?s Blogger platform–but News Corp?s (NWS) MySpace tops the list.… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “…I?m very proud that the new Yahoo! home page uses the open-source Yahoo! User Interface Library extensively. ” — Nate Koechley, Yahoo Interface User Blog Susan sez: Open Source..way to go!