• Yahoo: New home page up for viewing

    So the long-anticipated Spirit project is live on the web today–Yep, the new Yahoo home page is available for public viewing–There’s more content, a really fancy tour, and lotsa links to aspplications like mail. Funny thing is, bright and spiffy as it looks, and as mch as the usability is 200% better, it does remind… Continue Reading

  • Rojo in WSJ story

    WSJ’s Jessica Mintz revisits news and personalization and focuses on Rojo, the socially-focused newsreader I helped start–She writes: “What really distinguishes Rojo from other RSS readers — sites that organize and display RSS feeds — is the way it uses data it collects from all of its users, currently about 100,000 unique visitors per month.… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “”The NSA would like to remind everyone to call their mothers this Sunday. They need to calibrate their system.”” –Bruce Schneier’s blog (Via Depraved Librarian) Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

  • Quote of the minute

    “Over the last several weeks, I’ve been on several phone pitches from west-coast companies that are looking to be the ‘ flickr of XXXX’ or ‘like del.icio.us but YYYY?’or ‘the Digg killer?. It got me thinking –how many people outside of the valley have ever heard of these companies? I asked a bunch of local… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “We build digital mirrors. And when you see a digital mirror, what do you do? Fix your hair, and straighten your tie.” –HP researcher Scott Golder, speaking at the Microsoft Social Computing Symposium. (Via danah)

  • Playing around with Google Coop

    Okay, so I created a profile and put in some subscriptions and signed up for some links at Google Coop–but where do I read what I’ve chosen? Is this a Eurekster swicki rip off where I just click on the links to get to the page–shouldn’t there be improved ease and convenience for reading the… Continue Reading

  • TechCrunch Goes Engadget and it looks good

    Mike Arrington and the growing TechCrunch team pushed a new site design live last night and it’s as crisp, easy to read, and professional as one would want the leading daily covering Web 2.0 and start up land to be. In addition to the crisp design, the site’s become 100% more advertiser-friendly, meaning that top… Continue Reading

  • Life at the office: First in, Last Out

    So I’m into month 4 at Yahoo and totally emeshed in work. I now have a Treo, Y!-supplied, which allows me to bring my schedule and my work email home. In the past week, I’ve developed a new game, which I call First In, Last Out–the goal is to keep track of who sends email… Continue Reading

  • GMail Pictures launched

    So GMail pictures just launched and it’s smart! Basically, it allows me to post a picture of myself and to display pictures of contacts in both my mailbox and my Gtalk. It looks like Google Pictures can be set to indicate presence just like the AIM icon does on AOL Mail–if you see the picture,… Continue Reading