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“Increasingly, people want to blog about things that are personal to them. They don’t want to be ‘authoritative’. They might care about the War and about the world, but they don’t write about it. The blog for fun and friends, not to build a rep or share their opinions with the whole world.
Here’s a simple exercise to prove my point: Search for republican on technorati, and for dubya. Then search for intel. Finally, search for boyfriend and prom.
Now, this is obviously a very limited sample – rigorous qualitative analysis it is not and we could come up with counterexamples. But it tells me that the blogosphere these days is as much to do with boyfriends and dancing as it is about discussing serious stuff.”
–antoin, writing on how the blogosphere has changed

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  1. Gordon K Thomas says:

    I think it also has to do with the age of the “average” blogger… I am personally glad it’s more about boyfriends and prom than about “Depends” and discount brunches… Please don’t start “myspace for seniors”…let em enjoy their aol.

  2. lizriz says:

    So strange, until Blogher 2005, personal blogging was all I knew…
    (And still, primarily, all the blogosphere I read.)

  3. body hair removal says:

    I agree, I think it has lots to do with age.

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