Rojo in WSJ story

WSJ’s Jessica Mintz revisits news and personalization and focuses on Rojo, the socially-focused newsreader I helped start–She writes: “What really distinguishes Rojo from other RSS readers — sites that organize and display RSS feeds — is the way it uses data it collects from all of its users, currently about 100,000 unique visitors per month. The site looks at each individual user’s feeds and interests, and figures out what’s missing from his or her list that similar members are reading. In a box at the top of each page, the site recommends one new feed every time the user clicks onto a new page.”
Steve Rubel says he likes Rojo, but wants a mobile version…
Findory is also in there and Greg Linden has a post on his blog…Barnako comments a bit as well.
Susan sez: Rojo is a cool newsreader with some intuitive tools, but I wonder how many of the mass market users will become sharp enough to manage truly customized/personalized newsreaders? My guess is it’s the same percentage of users who figure out how to program their TIVO and DVR–in other words, a small poercentage. For the rest of the world, it’s the approach to personalization–collaborative filtering, inferences based on related user behaviors, and cached matching–and most people wil say that is plenty good for them.