We Media in London: Global call to action

We Media is kicking off in London and the blog is humming. Andrew Nachison of The Media Center has a powerful mission post for their Global Forum, which says, in part:
“To harness the power of information technologies and human ingenuity for the common good, we propose a worldwide We Media Global Initiative to invest in bottom-up media. The initiative will connect and inspire individuals and organizations to take action – to materially do something – to give voice to marginalised groups, to encourage government accountability in all countries and to help people not only access but productively apply and derive knowledge from the extraordinary volumes of information distributed throughout the connected society. It is also designed to create and incubate business and donor networks to sustain the initiative into the future.”
There are numerous contributors to the Media Center conference blog, and other bloggers and video at Reuters and BBC, two of the sponsors.
I’m sad that I’m not there, but I will be watching..and hoping for new ideas.