• Sex & Longing & Web 2.0–Gnomedex Link list

    Quotes from personal bloggers related to my Gnomedex talk– Figleaf: “As you know, one of my on-going themes is that the average sex blogger doesn’t do anything the average non-sex/non-blogger does except admit it. One of the huge benefits of sex blogging, especially anonymous sex blogging, is that we learn from each other that we’re… Continue Reading

  • (Gnomedex-flavored) Quote(s) of the Day

    “The publicity of an online journal is like a kind of shield. I like to say that publicity is the new privacy. However, anonymity isn’t guaranteed.” And “The way a person’s blog interacts with a person’s life is a work in progress.” — Shakes, commenting at Delta of Venus about the freedom offered by writing… Continue Reading

  • Opening night: Gnomedex

    My first Gnomedex, and a night of mega-schmoozing. I don’t get out that much so these big tribal tech events like reunions–with the benefit of new people to discover as well. I’ll skip the big lists and just say that it was great to be there tonight. gnomedex

  • Seattle: First impressions

    Walked down to the Pike Street Public Market from 4th Avenue, amazed at how different this part of Seattle feels from San Francisco–or Vancouver. First of all, mega street people everywhere; secondly, way more alt-style on the passersby–scrag beards, soupstrainers, mohawks, shaved sides among the hair de choice for men, women very outdoorsy or alternative… Continue Reading

  • Sex & Longing & Web 2.0–My talk at Gnomedex

    I’m going to be talking about sex and relationships at Gnomedex this year–specifically about the bloggers, vbloggers, podcasters and photographers who are using Web 2.0 tools to give voice to their longings and experiences with a vitality unmatched since the Victorian era– and the communities forming around these topics. This isn’t a talk about porn,… Continue Reading

  • Smart Mobs redesigns

    One of my favorite sites, Smart Mobs, has redesigned. The designer writes: “”Boris-flavored mash-up of Khoi Vinh and ‘Web 2.0-ish’ styles”–and it looks great! Cleaner, way more modular and very neat.

  • Quote of the Day 2

    “…Now you’re starting to understand the basic principle of Web 3.0: Anti-Social Software. We don’t need systems to invite us to Social Networks, we need Anti-Social Network software to make all those people leave us alone.” –Commentator Charles, posting on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog in response to a post noting the launch of FOAF identity management… Continue Reading

  • Quote(s) of the Day

    “‘I’m a senior vice-president, which is a pretty high title in this company; there’s only one title, EVP, that’s higher, and then after that you’re the president of a division. I have absolute access. I went to dinner with Jon Miller the other night in L.A., and I hang out with Leonsis, I go to… Continue Reading