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Quotes from personal bloggers related to my Gnomedex talk–
Figleaf: “As you know, one of my on-going themes is that the average sex blogger doesn’t do anything the average non-sex/non-blogger does except admit it. One of the huge benefits of sex blogging, especially anonymous sex blogging, is that we learn from each other that we’re not the only ones.”
Magadalena: “I have absolutely no idea how many sexual blogs there are or what percentage of the 40.1 million sites Technorati currently tracks dedicate themselves to sexual content, but I would think it’s pretty high.”
Bliatz: “I wish I had the courage to turn this blog into my main outlet. I wish I had the guts to just write everything here, expose the whole picture and expose it all to everybody. I wish I didn’t feel I had to hide something as natural and straight-forward as my sexuality and all the thoughts and emotions connected to that.”
Evil Minx, commenting:”It’s the loss of freedom that gets me also. The sheer uninhibited joy of being able to write as the person behind my eyes is what has kept me going over the last year. ”
Some of the blogs, videobloggers, web sites and podcasters I may reference:
(Note: Some of these blogs contain adult language and are meant for over 18 years, proceed accordingly)

Real writers, cloaked identities
Unfurling My Sexuality –divorced and searching
Jefferson, One Life, Take Two –pervert and parent
Viviane– Viviane’s Sex Carnival –bright and sexy
Freya– Freya’s House of Dreams –erotic wife
Always Aroused Girl- -erotic wife 2
Figleaf– Real Adult Sex –wise guy
Rent Boy– MonMouth –sex adventures
Bliatz –sex and identity
Girl with a one track mind–bright and searching
Erotica Lee 1–Memoir of a prostituted child, now adult
Coming Out at 48 –long married, coming into new life
Open for viewing(and making money from it…)
Violet Blue– tiny nibbles
Adacia Ray– Waking Vixen
Susie Bright– Susie Bright’s Journal
Bridgett Harrison – Ropelover Journal
Polyamory Weekly; Notes
Violet Blue- Open Source Sex
Outed/Hacked & related (examples)
Magdalena-Delta of Venus
Brand new blog, with issues

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  1. Anastasia says:

    Actually, my blog wasn’t the one that was hacked, it was another blog that was hacked. My post just outlined the incident.

  2. Evil Minx says:

    I’m very honoured to be quoted, Susan. Thank you.
    However, i must say that what Figleaf says (two above me here) is what really resonates with me on this issue.

  3. Anastasia says:

    Susan, I was going to pop you an email but you don’t have an email listing. I’d like to request that you amend your post relating to my blog and the post you’re linking, by removing the brackets.
    I can’t say I’m impressed with the fact that you don’t read blog posts. The other additional fact that conferences ‘occur’ is laughable considering that no time is taken to even read posts.

  4. Anastasia says:

    I have to say that this entire post of yours, particulary your ‘noble’ attempt to delete the link to my blog by amending it to a pathetic link of ‘commented’, isn’t quite noble. It’s so goddamned typical of you geeky snobs who basically think you hold the Pope by the balls – if you find that offensive I don’t particularly care.
    Many go on about ‘freedom’ in the Blogosphere, but how much freedom is there when people like you specificcally highlight what you prefer to highlight.
    The reality is Susan, that if I hadn’t written the post, there wouldn’t have been a comment now would there?
    I believe the answer to tha question is yes.
    But the other thing I’ve learned from this entire episode, is that many people aren’t really worth defending, many people are only into ‘blogging’ for the amount of ego stroking they can get.
    And with that, I’m going to delete the post that you’re linking, and if you don’t like it you can find a few cents can go and call someone who cares.
    Thank you!

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