Thoughts after BloggerconIV

First of all, there are alot of cool photos floating around–this community likes to document.
Beyond that, how did I feel about devoting a larger part of my free time (and some of my work week) to Bloggercon IV?
Good, mostly. In fact, very, very good.
Some observations:

  • Bloggercon has succeeded in becoming not only an unconference, but truly non-commercial. That makes the audience fairly self-selecting(basically impassioned disciples –and compadres–of Dave Winer and avid bloggers of (mostly) the tech persuasion), plus the BlogerHer and Gnomdexers Dave very wisely reached out to this year.
  • As an unconference, it’s about the people, and there were marvelous people there–and a chance to talk and mix that was friendly, supportive and pretty satisfying.
  • New people I really, really enjoyed–and hope to get to know better included the vloggercon crew–Ryanne, Scholomo and jay( who Lisa Williams points out was at Julie Leung’s Emotional Life session at BC3), Obidiah Greenberg, who does cool stuff at UC Berkeley, as well as Terry Heaton, Shannon Clark and Chris Heur/Kristy Wells.
  • Eloquent and interesting usual suspects who had smart things to say-both onstage and off– included(in no particular order), Ponzi, Lisa Williams, Elisa Camahort, Dan Farber, Jory des Jardins, Lisa Stone, Maria Niles, Rex Hammock, Scott Johnson, Mike Arrington(who did a great job with a tough topic!–Core Values), Jay Rosen(another outstanding presenter), Roland Tanglao, Liz Henry, Frank Paynter, Dan Gillmor, Bob Cox, Mary Hodder, and too many others to mention(yep, most people talked.)
  • Quieter, but listening hard: Richard MacManus, Gabe Rivera .
  • Presiding forces: Doc Searls, Dave Winer,–with intermittent peanut gallery support(and songs) from the irrepressible(and soon to launch) Marc Canter.

Via Rex: “Bloggercon Flickr’d: As of 7:45 a.m. (pdt) there are 668 photos on Flickr tagged bloggercon and 311 tagged bloggerconiv and here’s Flickr’s bloggercon “cluster.”