• Quote of the Day

    “The world doesn’t want a ski resort that caters to beginners. Doesn?t work. Same for blogging tools.” – Podtech‘s Robert Scoble, commenting on Mena Trott’s BlogHer panel comments when asked about the future of blogging.

  • TechCrunch’s Sunday Overviews-TV Guides round up

    Looks like Mike Arrington’s started a nice series of niche/vertical overviews and is publishing them every Sunday. Assumed criteria: Categories that the web is (or continues to) game change; categories that combine structured and unstructured data, categories with large revenue. Last week was online dating; this week it’s TV-watching sites. Mike’s round up of TV… Continue Reading

  • What worked at BlogHer–And what didn’t

    Morning after thoughts about BlogHer, definitely my most-loved conference of the year– What worked so well Maintaining a warm, accessible tone, even with 700+ people Giving the attendees a feeling of ownership and participation in the program Being real and authentic and presenting a wide range of interests The diversity–there were more people of color… Continue Reading

  • BlogHer: The sex session

    Susie Bright, Melissa Gira, Halley Suitt…having sex and proud of it..and even better, talking about it. The audience is sharing about sex blogs they read, discussing how to empower women’s writing and voices from a sexual/professional point of view, and–kinda–celebrating their own sexuality. One woman asks: Is it possible to write about sex, politics, faith… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “I think you can care about shoes, and still be a really strong woman.” –Food blogger Pim Techamuanvivit, speaking at BlogHer

  • Blogher Day 2: This conference is amazing!

    It’s BlogHer day 2 and I am sitting in a room with 60 other attendees, listening to the panel on ” Being the Next Martha Stewart,” which is really a panel about building your brand around an arts/craft/food product. The discussion is GREAT, but that’s not what’s blowing my mind–it’s the fact that there are… Continue Reading

  • Quotes of the Day

    “We can all agree now, women are the power of Web 2.0.” — BlogHer conference president Lisa Stone, on opening day, quoted in CNET. “What’s up with those Mommy Bloggers? They keep hugging each other.” –12 year old blogger Patrick Scoble, quoted on his stepmom Maryam’s blog re BlogHer participants

  • More on BlogHer Day 1

    The wifi isn’t working. And there’s a shortage of wireless mikes. Maybe the Hyatt wasn’t the best choice…Maybe the sessions(some of them) are a little too loose–But hey, I am feeling great about the day–the positive energy, the interesting conversations–and, once again, I am in awe of the Lisa/Elisa/Jory team work–these three seriously rock. I’m… Continue Reading