BlogHer: Are you going? I am

BlogHer is this weekend, and it may be one of the only conferences I have ever attended where I am eagerly counting down till it starts. For me, last year’s conference was powerful because of all the great attendees, and because I connected (unexpectedly) with bloggers who were focused on relationships, sexuality and social issues, themes that were pretty resonant in my very recent(at that time) post-divorce life.
This time, I’m excited about seeing everyone, and pleased to not be speaking–it’s good to give others a chance, and for me to just be present and participating.
If you’re coming into town for BlogHer, or here anyway–and you want to make sure we meet up, please ping me at susanmernit at yahoo dot com…I’ll be there both days.

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  1. Liz says:

    Hi There
    I am a recent addition to the blogging community and think your site is terrific. I just wish they had similar organistaions to BlogHer in the UK as I am now based in London. Or mayeb they do? In any case, I am an ex New Yorker turned Londoner witha daily lifestyle blog for London.
    Will check back into your site Susan.
    City Slicker

  2. cooper says:

    I’m going too. I love your blog, which I read daily, and I hope we meet up.

  3. Colette Vogele says:

    Hi Susan! Looking forward to seeing you at BlogHer. I’ll be there Saturday.

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