Blogher Day 2: This conference is amazing!

It’s BlogHer day 2 and I am sitting in a room with 60 other attendees, listening to the panel on ” Being the Next Martha Stewart,” which is really a panel about building your brand around an arts/craft/food product. The discussion is GREAT, but that’s not what’s blowing my mind–it’s the fact that there are so many people here, smart, impassioned, interesting- -who are just NOT the usual suspects I see at a tech conference.
I am so excited about the chance to meet and learn from new people and find out who they are–the energy here is so good, I wish I could bottle it and take it home to savor longer.
Meanwhile, Pim, Andrea, Gayla, Maggie and Marnie are rocking the house with their tips and stories. And the participants are jumping right in with stories and advice about being a web-based entrepeneur.
Some of the useful tips:

  • Blog for community sites to grow your brand and links, but don’t feel you need to work for free for commercial ventures as your traffic grows.
  • Follow your passion–when you cut out the middleman, you can do whatever you want–quickly–and change it as you learn.
  • Price your writing–cause you will get offered/asked about projects–as if you were a *real* writer–because you are.
  • Change your resume to say you are a freelance writer–you are one cause you blog.
  • Think about what your ad position is and whether you want to take sponsorship dollars–and if yes, from whom–Would it wreck your credibility?

The general tenor of the room is relaxed and inclusive, and the mood is…friendly.