BlogHer: The sex session

Susie Bright, Melissa Gira, Halley Suitt…having sex and proud of it..and even better, talking about it. The audience is sharing about sex blogs they read, discussing how to empower women’s writing and voices from a sexual/professional point of view, and–kinda–celebrating their own sexuality.
One woman asks: Is it possible to write about sex, politics, faith and pull it off?
This audience wants to believe the answer is yes–but looking at the faces in the room, I’m feeling that the true issue is that we’ve all become people who value personal expression enough that in some ways pretending to be who we’re not is just so over.
My sense is that this audience has a tremendous amount to say–but like the guys at Gnomedex–are holding back more that I might wish–as the conversation continues, themes that are coming up include managaing identity and privacy, frank women bloggers getting caught in custody suits, and the fellatio wars, and how to make sex blogs rank higher in the page ranks.
There’s more discussion going on about the various reasons for secrecy–Susie Bright is highlighting how women are sometimes demeaned–and then articulating how all of us want to protect our privacy during intimate moments in life and emotional passages–so that we can create a context (great point, Susie!)
Susan says: IMHO, this was a good session. Lots of respectful discussion, humor, and sharing–Next steps: Women concerned with these issue could band together, perhaps through BlogHer, and share more information.
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  1. Lisa Stone says:

    You wrote:
    “Next steps: Women concerned with these issue could band together, perhaps through BlogHer, and share more information.”
    Bring it. As we’ve discussed, I think it’s your secure position as a noted media strategist that reinforces your ability to blog sex and relationships at A point Pim makes in an eminently more quotable way.
    Bless all of you – you and the women on this panel – for writing about sex in a way that has to do with our own libido and satisfaction. Not just our partner’s.

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