• BlogHer: Day 1 Opening session 8:30 am

    It’s the first morning of BlogHer and the ballroom at the Hyatt is filled. The organizers up on stage are thanking the sponsors and the attendees are opening their lap tops. Just a usual tech conference, right? Wrong. It’s the second annual BlogHer conference and not only is the 600+ audience 90% women, some of… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    MySpace and Fox: MUST READ article in The Hollywood Reporter by Diana Mermigas Marketwatch: TeenPeople qutting magazine biz,going web only. BizWeek: Facebook and iTunes go back to school for a 10MM music samplers giveaway. Reuters/WashPo: Yahoo hires scientist to run social seach research. “At Yahoo you have this unique opportunity to integrate conventional search with… Continue Reading

  • Daylife: Hype vs. Reality?

    It’s funny how buzz works, isn’t it? Investors and partners are telling us to “keep an eye out for Daylife,” the new news tool set tech whiz Upendra Shardanand has been working on for the past 18 months with the very vocal Jeff Jarvis, but the truth of where their product lies seems to put… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day 2

    “I’ve thought about what to do with the real power Diggers, the ones who spend their whole day on Digg and really work hard, is there a way that I could show my appreciation. The way I would show my appreciation would be to never give them more power, more features than another user has.… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day 1

    “It really isn’t about Netscape vs. DIGG… in reality the battle is “social news vs. top-down news.” Kevin and I are brothers in arms right now and at some point I hope he will realize that.” –Netscape lead Jason Calcanis, expertly baiting the controversy afresh over Netscape vs. digg, a battle Jason *manufactured. *

  • BlogHer: Are you going? I am

    BlogHer is this weekend, and it may be one of the only conferences I have ever attended where I am eagerly counting down till it starts. For me, last year’s conference was powerful because of all the great attendees, and because I connected (unexpectedly) with bloggers who were focused on relationships, sexuality and social issues,… Continue Reading

  • Dabble goes live–congrats Mary!

    Mary Hodder’s video/vlogging community directory and tools site, Dabble, went live this week after a year of work. Built with angel funds for a pretty reasonable price, Mary says Dabble is “the first comprehensive online catalog of videos in the word made by users” –it is a great-looking product–in fact, it’s so nice Scott Rosenberg… Continue Reading

  • NewAssignment.Net: Open Sourcing the AP

    Jay Rosen’s got a new idea–an open source pool of bloggers/journalists who get modest funding to do investigative reporting stories that can be filed and distributed around the net. Called NewAssignment.Net, Rosen’s virtual bureau takes the concepts of the wire service of the past 100+ years (started back in the day of the Pony Express)… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Corporate websites from 1996–you gotta see this! Ad Age: Walmart’s MySpace killer for kids–called schoolyourway.walmart.com–is a major dog. Canada.com: California heat wave responsible for knocking out Yahoo and myspace servers. flickr: Cantikfotos posts a striking photo set of Taiwanese housing, now abandoned… (Via digg)