• Lovosphere: Mike finds love, sorta

    Mike Arrington’s wisely turned his attention to the online dating business and done a quick wrap-up of 13 sites, ranging from CNETs Consummating to the very small Poddater. As someone who now watches this space with a professional eye, I appreciate not only Mike’s observations, but the tremendous discussion going on in the comments, with… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    ” Google just reported their Q2-2006 earnings, and their sequential growth is just 9% over Q1-2006 (the wallstreet whisper number was 10%). This confirms that the search slowdown is industry wide. Note that almost half of that gain in revenue for Google is not natural growth, its one-time growth coming from more ads placed on… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Blowjobs are not the end all of feminism. It makes me crazy that we’re spending time on stupid shit like this when we still make less than men do. In the end, I could not care less if you gobble up every cock you see or declare blow jobs a tool of the devil. You… Continue Reading

  • Valleywag hits it: AOL/Calcanis

    I’m already tired of this story , but it’s always fun to be sourced by another blogger and then quoted–even (or especially?) when it’s Valleywag’s Nick Douglas, clearly one of my most astute readers, who folded every point in my post into an expanded story that’s a good read (that’s called journalism, folks).

  • Attack of the 50 foot trolls: Emily and Amanda

    Welcome to the latest wrinkle of digital living: fake people with agendas to push–no, make that fake bloggers. Apparently, both Amanda Chapel and * Emily* are real world sims–fake personalities with scripted story lines and writers who go engage real life bloggers as a way to push a commercial agenda. Arrgh. Does this mean we’re… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “I’m absolutely convinced that the top 20 people on DIGG, Delicious, Flickr, MySpace, and Reddit are worth $1,000 a month and if we’re the first folks to pay them that is fine with me–we will take the risk and the arrows from the folks who think we’re corrupting the community process (is there anyone out… Continue Reading

  • Netscape and Digg: Mike Arrington’s take–and mine

    Enjoyed reading Mike’s astute observations on Netscape.com’s forced migration into a digg copy: “At the end of the day, the Netscape product is a soulless reproduction of one of the most interesting cultural experiments occurring on the web right now. It was thrown at millions of mainstream Internet users (previous Netscape portal users) who don’t… Continue Reading

  • News from the Lovosphere

    The dating report: Another rate em and date em site enters the fray. Perscription for Love: TechCrunch says right on to dating search with chronic conditions. Stephanie Klein: 4 am. Montana. A guy is breaking down your door. “You can make this easy or…” Online dating spammers blog: Yep, that’s what it says.

  • BlogHer makes the Boston Gobe

    Blogher‘s end of this month–meanwhile, a nice piece on the network’s in the Globe. A quote: “The second annual BlogHer conference, with corporate sponsors like General Motors and Johnson & Johnson, will be held July 28-29 in San Jose, Calif. Attendance is expected to double from last year’s session, which was supported by Yahoo and… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “…But I?ll say again that I didn?t organize that mob. The mob organized itself; I merely provided the convenient town square on which to light those torches. This is how the internet works: It brings us together and we learn from each other. You see, in the old days, you could screw one customer with… Continue Reading