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“The world doesn’t want a ski resort that caters to beginners. Doesn?t work.
Same for blogging tools.”
Podtech‘s Robert Scoble, commenting on Mena Trott’s BlogHer panel comments when asked about the future of blogging.

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  1. Trisha says:

    Sure, nobody wants to be seen as a newbie, but I would be careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Ease of use is so key when designing a product, since tools that are difficult to use create a barrier to entry for potential users.
    Mena positioned Vox as a way for SixApart to reach the “regular people” who are not currently blogging today. While I would consider ease of use a virtue, I would question the assumption that the tools are preventing these “regular people” from blogging today. Google’s Blogger is known for its simplicity (and limited feature set!), and its focus on ease of use allows it to sit squarely within the beginner space.
    I think the bigger problem here is attitude–some people just don’t see the value in creating a blog for themeslves. Instead of working on lowering the barrier to entry, Vox should try to raise the value one gets from blogging. By value, I don’t necessarily mean money–it could be anything from social recognition to being part of a valued community.

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