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“I’m absolutely convinced that the top 20 people on DIGG, Delicious, Flickr, MySpace, and Reddit are worth $1,000 a month and if we’re the first folks to pay them that is fine with me–we will take the risk and the arrows from the folks who think we’re corrupting the community process (is there anyone out there who thinks this any more?!).
…If we’re (DIGG, Delicious, Flickr, Reddit, MySpace, Netscape, etc) going to make businesses out of this space we should share the wealth.
As we say in Brooklyn: everyone’s gotta eat.”
–AOL exec and Netscape lead J ason Calcanis, using personality and viral marketing to support his product–and stir up some press.

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  1. merkela says:

    This seems like a rather desperate move for Jason.
    One doesn’t need to look further than today’s reddit logo to see how the reddit team is reacting (in fact, the story is still on the front page… I think KR and company already buried it off the digg front page).
    He might be able to siphon a few users off, but the negative impact on these sights will be minimal and the added value to netscape.com even less noticable… he’s a fool to think he can buy a community to right his sinking ship.

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