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“The whole RocketBoom breakup episode has me thinking. What if the blogosphere really is high school after all? ”
–John Koetsier, at Sparkplug, explaining why the Internet is EXACTLY like high school and why bloggers’ behavior around discussions of Amanda Congdon’s exit from Rocketboom proves it.

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  1. Howard Owens says:

    I think the answer is yes.
    The real question the blogosphere reaises: Does blogging lay beat the naked truth that nobody ever really leaves high school?

  2. Peter Caputa says:

    Everyone still bitches and back stabs after high school. And cliques still happen. We don’t fundamentally change our habits. They are just a lot less apparent.
    The blogosphere makes it apparent again cause we are all out in the open.

  3. David says:

    Are you asking me to the prom or not? ;)

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