Sunday night supper on Tuesday

Friends are coming over later, and for dinner I’m making the following:

Two kinds of shrimp: Pan-seared with garlic, chili and ginger & steamed with cocktail sauce
Pan Roasted Asparagus
Baked Teriyaki Salmon
Spinach Salad
Hungrarian-style Cauliflower

If we have any room left, there will be blueberries, nectarines and lemon sorbet.

(And of course I’ll be eating the leftovers for dinner all week…)

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  1. Rex Hammock says:

    Okay, I’ll be over a seven. However, the drive from Nashville may cause me to be a few days late. : ( Happy Fourth!

  2. Patti Wilson says:

    It sounds like it a divinely delicious dinner. Please, would you provide the Cauliflower receipe?

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