Quote of the day

“I want things. I want blood oranges for breakfast and thick steaks of seared, sashimi-grade tuna. I want a fresh pedicure each week, my toes shiny and painted like little lollipops, and hands that don’t sport 1,000 nicks and cuts from the inevitable manual labor involved in all of my work. I want fine, clean linens on an accommodating mattress in a spotless apartment in a safe neighborhood with the proper locks on the door where someone is waiting to wrap me in their arms. I just want to assuage a dull, aching need that feels like it’s been there forever…just to not feel hungry or tired or dirty or burnt out or scared for a few glorious hours a week.
Other people have these things. Why can’t I?

My blessing is the company that I keep. I don’t know how I stumbled into such an eclectic mix of dreamers, thinkers, idealists, and brave warriors, but how grateful I am to be surrounded by these people. These people who love me, and don’t judge my vices or the work I do. The ones who have my back, my hand, and a shoulder. I am so very grateful.”
–Erotic NYC blogger CherryBomb, reminding us the tech boom doesn’t fund everyone, but that good friends are crucial, no matter what your passion is.