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” All too often, people point to all that psychological research that indicates that teens are experiencing extensive hormonal rushes that impair their judgment. And then i go home to my 30-something friends who see a baby and start cooing as their biological clock begs for attention. And then i talk to people my mom’s age going through menopause and being about as coo-coo as they come. And then i get calls from my older male friends who are experiencing their midlife crisis and think that trading in their wife for people my age is a good idea.
–I don’t think that teenagers are the only population facing impaired judgment. In fact, i’m curious at what age one’s judgment is really all that functional. ”
–danah boyd, writing on the life lessons teens should be taught–and that the rest of us learn somehow

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  1. Sue Richards says:

    I’m told that females experience a hormonal ‘rush’ around 3, then again during their early teens, if they become pregnant, then post partum, and of course as a final course….. menopause.
    So that leaves sound judgement a chance to surface between 5 -10.

  2. carlo167 says:

    I agree that not only teenagers suffer from these sort of behavior but also adults. Everybody is currently undergoing some kind of stage in our lives and there are certain responses and actions we do that sometimes make us look nuts. Most of these behaviors are natural and can be understood.

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