Steve Gillmor says nice things about me and I link to that

Steve’s holding forth on what data matters, and it looks like I’ve made the cut in his pantheon.
Even better, he’s pegged me as “the synthesist” while Calcanis is “the lightening rod.”
Thanks, Steve.
It is fun to watch Steve hold forth in net spaces that are increasingly his own, spinning his lore till the language reaches a pinnacle somewhere between NeoPrimitive VRMLer Mark Pesce and gonzo journaliste Hunter S. Thompson, while the younger guys in sneakers first snicker a little and then hungrily ask for more.
Sometimes I feel like I get Attention, other times it feels like the Emperor’s New Clothes, but yes, I care what this man has to say–and it’s usually pretty interesting, thought-provoking, and okay, sometimes obtuse.
As people in the Valley ponder the new mediarati–the Arringtons, Maliks, and the swam of snarkers in their wake–Steve’s move from tech columnist to finger in many pies maven needs to be noted as well.

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  1. José Alberto says:

    Your blog is very interesting.
    I will return more times.
    I wait for your comments in EG.
    You can translate the posts with the Babel translator.

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