Yahoo in da (blog)house

How about seeing what some Yahoos , an editor, a kick ass designer, a photog and a couple college interns can pull off in a few weeks when it comes to one big banging Yahoo! blog?
A corporate blog that tries not to be corporate and that speaks the truth of 20-year olds to kick itself off?
In this case, that would be the brand-new and shiny Yodel Anecdotal, the Y! equivalent of 10,000 Sun Micosystems blogs and hundreds of Microsoft Channel 9 blogs when it comes to ripping the covers off what Yahoo is really like.
(We’re super nice, are you surprised?)
Congrats to Havi Hoffman and everyone else who pulled together this sunny bit of shiny parts–it’s your flag and long may it wave. Now the truth about those mounds in front of Sunnyvale’s Building G is going to be revealed, right?