• (Another) Quote of the Day

    “I do not believe that social network sites are able to sustain lots of conflicting social contexts. Or, rather, i don’t believe that they can continue as a hang-out space. I know that Facebook will continue to grow but i believe that the core value of it will be lost for the sake of growth.”… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “It’s not just that people are arriving on big, anonymous campuses, but the homes these kids are coming out of are more isolated. One of the problems in American society today is that people don’t eat together anymore. It’s the whole bowling alone thing, and co-ops are one of the few places where people can… Continue Reading

  • Newspaper Next: Talk, not action

    The American Press Institute’s released their $ 2 million dollar study –called Newspaper Next–of what newspapers should do to save themselves in a digital world and the two big insights look like they are Think local and Cooperate amongst yerselves. In a USA Today story, the API folks say familiar things like “Newspaper websites (collectively)… Continue Reading

  • Heading for Hack Day in Sunnyvale

    Yahoo’s first external Hack Day is tomorrow, and I am psyched at taking part. First of all, the idea of Yahoo embracing something so close to the BarCamp and/or Open Space model is cool; secondly, the idea of taking a process that’s been embraced internally and then opening it up to the world, well, that… Continue Reading

  • WSJ reporter targets online dating–hmmm

    “The majority of undateables are hardly what most people would consider poor prospects. They’re not liars or criminals, but eligible single men and women who are being sidelined by the system. They’re hitting the wrong note by listing hobbies that scream shut-in _ fantasy football for men, scrapbooking for women, or by including shots with… Continue Reading

  • The new Tribe–MySpace for Grownups!

    Okay, it’s 2004. Everyone is into local citizen media. There’s this web site, Tribe.net, that is filled with Burners and alternative groups. Question of the minute becomes: How do we take this service and make it local and mainstream and make money off it somehow? The answer never quite jells. Okay, so now it’s 2oo6… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “The bed is where they found privacy and were able to leave behind the distractions and separate interests that keep them apart during the day. There’s also something about late night that allowed them to open up and connect….even though we may take sleeping with our partner for granted, it’s through these kinds of shared… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “I believe that men consider extreme circumstances such as commune start-up building to be a bonding experience. However, putting Lisa, Elisa, and I in a single apartment for six months with only one bathroom and Top Ramen would result in one or all of us being committed to an institution.” — BlogHer founder Jory Des… Continue Reading