(Priceless) Quote of the Day 2

I?m very hands-on. During the launch of AOL.com, we had a conference call every day for four months, and I was in every one. I even called in on my vacation from a yacht in Greece.”
–AOL Vice Chairman Ted Leonsis describing to the NYTimes how he will step down from an AOL management role in December 2006 order to “get a little more balance in his life.”
Susan sez: The AOL board brought Ted back into an active role in 2002, when things were really bad (IMHO). One of the great things about Ted is what a champion he is of ideas and people he believes in–a rare commodity at a company in free-fall, which is what AOL was at the time– Another is his ability to weave compelling stories–a trait he has used well, not only in spinning things with the press, but in easing the troubled minds of stressed executives wondering how far down to the the bottom AOL had to go and when the climb back up would begin.

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  1. Darryl Covington says:

    I used to work at AOL, Ted leaving is that really bad or good? Balance huh ? When does the death of AOL stop?

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