Quote of the Day

“….the stuff about Myself is about carnage and living through it. it’s about the nightmare that was about my girlhood. it’s about surviving incest and beatings (losing half of my hearing after being slammed against a wall) and the loss of dignity, of grace (oh, the irony of my name) its about dark and scary beasts, running from them, often getting caught, sometimes being eaten alive.
do i talk about all that in front of 700 people, a few of them my friends, but most strangers. do i pull out the beasts and nightmares from my pocket, open my outstretched hand and point a little girl finger (with a nail bitten down to the quick) to this ?”
Grace Davis, State of Grace, writing about speaking about herself and her vision at BlogHer and how the long distances we travel to be present in the world often are invisible
(Note: More and more, I find myself drawn to the true voices blogging allows people to share, to the heartfelt stories and common threads of what we all struggle through, survive, and (hopefully) learn from. The courage to share those truths is not to be discounted. )