As in, I have been doing a lot of it the past few weeks.
4 miles today, 3 miles the day before, 10 miles planned for tomorrow.
It started with signing up to do the San Jose Rock n Roll marathon, and it’s turning into that relaxing hour I look forward to at the end of the day (with longer walks on the weekends).
Thinking about doing a couple more half-marathons, and a full marathon this coming summer.
It says alot about me that it is so much easier to get into a regular exercise routine when there is a tangible event as a goal….Making sure I can walk those 13 miles in October in under 4 hours has been a great focusing device.

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  1. Edward Vielmetti says:

    walk on!
    two suggestions:
    walker tracker, http://www.walkertracker.com . nice folks and good statistics.
    pedometer, I like my omron hj-112, about $20 and can be worn in a pocket.
    i finished my first million steps counted with walker tracker about a week ago.

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