Weekend update: 15 miles and then some

Okay, the keep the hands off the keyboard for at least 36 hours weekend went pretty well:
–Walked 11 miles Saturday, 3 miles Sunday
–Saw friends, a bunch of movies, did errands
–Rested and overcame a potential cold
–Refreshed myself for what is going to be a very busy week
(Susan sez: Yes, I am a high-energy person, reading this list over, it makes me laugh….in my world, all this activity is relaxing.)

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  1. jennifer Vulpi says:

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    I can’t find any info… Could you help me ?

  2. Marshall Kirkpatrick says:

    Congratulations, that sounds fantastic. You’re an inspiration to us all. Now if I can just resist the urge to mention this post to me girlfriend so she doesn’t insist I do the same thing next weekend :)
    I will go out and hit the tennis court asap, though, and think of you when I do.

  3. susan mernit says:

    Marshall–I am doing a marathon with a friend and those two factors are the best success metrics I have ever come up with–thanks for your note.

  4. Amy Gahran says:

    Hey Susan, this weekend I did 48 hours without touching the keyboard. Of course, we were camping in the Rockies, and hauling out the laptop would have been so gauche…
    – Amy Gahran

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