• Quote of the Day

    “Dream big. Imagine there existed a budget of $100 million to purchase copyrights to be made available under a free license. What would you like to see purchased and released under a free license? Photos libraries? textbooks? newspaper archives? Be bold, be specific, be general, brainstorm, have fun with it.” — Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales,… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the day

    “I don?t believe there is a scenario whereby we could have an independent AOL. I think we would be bought as fast as we could draw up the papers.” –AOL chief Jonathan Miller, quoted in a Sunday Telegraph (UK) on the much discussed possible demerger of AOL and Time Warner, also known as getting the… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day 2

    “Who the heck wants to be a voyeur, paid or otherwise, on a dating site when we have Girls Gone Wild on Myspace?” –Dave Evans, Online Dating Insider, writing on how online dating services, well, uh, aren’t cutting it for him.

  • Quote of the Day 1

    “I mean if the DMVs around the country can make hundreds of millions of dollars selling vanity license plates, why shouldn’t Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft or AOL (Time Warner)?” –Michel Parekh, writing on the revenue potential of enhanced ego surfing

  • Quotes of the Day

    “Moving forward, we are going to be laser-focused on these three core things: Close the gap in monetization of seach Widen our lead in graphical advertising Seize the opportunity in social media, video, and mobile. “ –Terry Semel, speaking on Yahoo’s earnings call yesterday , discussing both the Q3 drop in profit and the strong-… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    ” I don’t think there’s much VC money that would want to back a conventional magazine.” — Former Conde Nast editorial director James Truman, explaining why he was leaving LBT Media right after creating the first issue of ‘Culture & Travel’ a new magazine for them, in order to start his own media company, probably… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “If you have a great established brand like Apple, or a great new product, like an iPod, then sure, let people run away with your brand, because most people will say good things about it and encourage other people to use it. But if you have a problematic brand like Wal-Mart or GM, where a… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “We’re doing something that is novel for Time Inc. Our bloggers will be directly remunerated on the basis of their traffic. They’ll be paid a modest CPM. Time Inc. will sell advertising on the individual blogs. So the bloggers will get to participate in the revenue they generate. ” –Josh Quittner, Business 2.0 editor, explaining… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “You can try to hold the world in place so your life continues to make sense, but the world is too big and you’re too small, change comes, eventually, no matter how much you think it shouldn’t.” –Dave Winer, musing on change in media –and everything else