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“What’s clear is that content creators are no longer in control of the content business. That doesn’t mean content creators can’t make money– it just means that an increasing portion of every dollar they make will go to Google.”
–Publishing 2.0’s Scott Karp, explaining why he believes that Google wants to own the business of content–much to detriment of all but the smallest publishers.
Susan sez: Scott links to a MediaPost story that has Google and Yahoo pitching publishers, and much of the rap between the two execs is pretty similar–but I see Google becoming a deleberate–and serial– disintermediator in a way that underscores Karp’s concerns.

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  1. Paul says:

    If BnF didn’t put thumbnails here, Google would have nothing to take. The large images are loaded in software that inhibits image save. I wonder if Google can scrape them off the page anyway?

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