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“There’s a canyon-sized gap between what company heads say they want (brave, bold, innovative) and what their own middle management seems to prefer (yes-men, worker bees, team players). ”
–Kathy Sierra, writing a take no prisoners post on how non C-level managers inadvertently knock out employees’ exuberance and passion to to learn, grow, adapt, and innovate–to find out why this happens, read her super smart post (and find out what the zombie function is).
Update: Commentator Veronica Combs says C-level exes make middle managers this way–because they want their middle managers to behave “just like zombies.” Good point- this is about managers in general and the gap between saying and doing–thanks, Ms. Combs.

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  1. Veronica Combs says:

    I would not blame the non C-level managers for this. This problem definitely stretches to the top. The middle managers are expected to behave just like the “zombies” when working with their own bosses. How many C-level managers want to be challenged or disagreed with? How do you even get to the C-level without perfecting a few zombie-like tendencies?

  2. gulla says:

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