UK Data points: The Mobile Life Youth Report 2006

“When is mobile going to have a business model?” is something I hear (or say myself) every time I think about developing more services for mobile platforms.

A newly released report from the UK, The Mobile Life Youth Report 2006 , suggests that in Britain that future is coming, like, real soon. Some of the greatest hits stats from the report, which surveyed 1,258 kids ages 11-17 (and their parents) about their mobile phone use:

  • Starting age of mobile phone ownership: 51% of 10 year olds and 70% of 11 year olds own a mobile phone– 13+ is 95%
  • Numbers of texts: On average young people send or receive 9.6 text messages a day
  • Number of calls: On average young people make or receive 3.5 calls a day
  • Pay As You Go vs. Contract: Of young people who own their own mobile phone 85% have a Pay as You Go and 15% have monthly contracts
  • Choosing a mobile phone: When choosing a mobile phone, the most important factor for teenage boys is functionality and for girls it is style
  • Brands: Nokia (1), Motorola (2) and Samsung (3) are the most popular mobile phone brands amongst 11-17 year olds

As for the US, are we there yet? Aside from ringtones and entertainment, are premium services in place? Folks, educate me here.

(Via, of course, Smart Mobs)

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  1. Howard Owens says:

    At one time, I thought I might have a chance to develop a premimum mobile video service for a newspaper … but then I got mobile video.
    I’m no more likely to pay for mobile video content than Web text content.
    I’m sure I’m not unsual in that reaction … I blogged this while back.

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