• give it to the world peace love the gap

    Common is the Xmas guy for the lovely hiphop peace love Gap commercial. Is this commercialism? Sure is. Selling out? I think not and it is cool to watch a musician I admire be the centerpiece of the Gap’s holiday joy. Common, yeah.

  • Quote(s) of the Day

    “Why would I give out my cell? I don’t need a guy I met at a bar one night calling me every day for the next two weeks begging me to go out. I want to filter out the people I don’t need to have contact with.” –Singer Airin McClain, 23, speaking to the NYTimes… Continue Reading

  • Noted

    Jonathan Safran Foer: My life as a dog (in NYC) —lovely essay for pet owners everywhere NYTimes: IAC plans AskCity, new local service USA Today asks what geeks would do with newspapers. Answers–nothin’ you ain’t heard before, but amusing Who has time for this? VC writes on the theme of how start-ups need to get… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Web 2.0 is nothing more than an aftermarket for Google. Startups slicing little bits of Google’s P/E ratio, acting as sales reps for Google ads, and getting great multiples for the revenue they generate by fostering the creation of new UGC to place ads on. When Google crashes, that’s the end of that, no more… Continue Reading

  • In NY and offline–till now

    I didn’t realize till this minute that wi-fi access can be different in every room of a NYC apartment. I’ve learned this interesting fact after 1.5 days of no online access in the Bronx, a problem that a) amuses my family no end and b) makes me realize how wired/California/techie I am (as in I… Continue Reading

  • Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

    It’s Turkey Day and I am in New York visiting family. It’s cold and rainy outside, but warm and steamy in here, where there’s a marathon cooking session underway–roasted brussel sprouts and chestnuts, free-range turkey, pumpkins/squash/pear pudding, cranberry biscuits–my sister doesn’t hold back, and I am the kitchen assistant. Back home in California, it’s warm… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day (Evening)

    “I started out with this idea of finding shoes for my girlfriend and hotties on HotorNot for me. It’s easy to shift from recommending shoes to humans.” — PayPal and Slide founder, quoted in a Fortune story on Silicon Valley entrepeneurs (in case you wondered if there really was another bubble) while explaining the connection… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “As one of the web?s venerable veterans, Yahoo is indeed facing a formidable set of challenges, but we should all take a moment to be clear on the fact that it would be a much worse world for all of us little startups if the big purple giant was to disappear. ” –The tabbo bloggers,… Continue Reading