Flock gets a new CEO: From the Big to the sorta Small

It was interesting to wake up this morning and find out that former NBC, AOL, Yahoo! broadband media exec Shawn Hardin’s latest incarnation is as the newly re-loed Silicon Valley CEO of Web 2.0 browser company Flock.
Will Pate says: “Hardin has front-line expertise in technology-driven entrepreneurial ventures in addition to a business background with NBC and AOL. His creative and business experience spans Entertainment, Film, Television, Information Technologies, Mobile and Internet markets. He has been working at the intersection of media, technology, and business for over twelve years, including as a founding executive of NBC Television Network’s Interactive Division, EVP & Group General Manager for NBCi, SVP for AOL Broadband and Head of Youth, Health & Games for the Yahoo! Media Group.”
So it’s another big guy goes to small company and has (hopefully) has big impact story, eh?
Somehow, this just doesn’t feel the same as when Scoble went to Podtech…another big company to small play–this one feels different–like maybe Flock is hoping a guy with big media credentials will help them raise more $$– and maybe Shawn is ready to run some Barcamps?

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  1. Will Pate says:

    We’re happy to have Shawn onboard because of his experience in the intersection of media and technology, and growing successful entrepreneurial ventures. We’re not looking to raise money right now, but I think it’s a great idea for Shawn to attend a Barcamp.

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