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So I’ve been on vacation since Friday night and am relishing the idea of just being local through the next 10 days–no trips East, no rushing around.
Plans are to see friends and family, do a lot of walking and cycling, do some yoga, and see as many movies as possible
Here’s the hit list of what I’ve seen–with my appraisals–so far–and another list of movies I am considering:
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan: I love Sascha Cohen and this movie made me shout with laughter and cringe with embarassment, usually fairly closely together.
The Pursuit of Happyness: It’s A Wonderful Life for the new millenium–Will Smith and the well-chosen cast save a sappy story from total sappiness.
Eragon: Can any dragon fantasy movie be all bad? This one is fun.
Blood Diamond: DeCaprio’s performance is impressive in a well shot movie that is part political manifesto, part drama. Well worth the bucks.

Not yet seen, but on my list
Volver: Almodovar is a personal favorite, so this is a must see.
The Holiday: How could a chick flick with Jack Black be bad?
Dreamgirls: Can’t wait to see Eddie Murphy.
Little Children: I am a Kate Winslet fan, so this makes the list.
Short Bus: Hedwig rocked, this is a must see that may have already gone to video in my area
The Good Shepard: How could I pass up this DeNiro flick? What a cast.
Charlotte’s Web: Some pig. And Dakota Fanning.
Sweetland: A small, indie movie that sounds promising.
For Your Consideration: Can I stand to watch yet another Christopher Guest farce? Hell, yes.
If you have any other movie recommendations or pans, comments and tips welcomed.

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  1. Keith Demko says:

    I definitely recommend seeing Volver ASAP .. it starts off a little slowly, but once it gets going its as good as anything Pedro has ever done

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