The OMniverse expands, Boutin goes to Valleywag

So Om Malik’s OMniverse of blogs and podcasts is growing again, this time with the addition of NewTeeVee, a blog about online video in all its myriad goodness. Liz Gannes will lead, with Jackson West, Paul Kapustka (formerly of Advanced IP Pipeline2 and pulvermedia3). Russell Heimlich4 of DVGuru5 and Russell Shaw 6of ZDNet7 joining in.
Om says: “It is a time of confusion, creation and disruption. Which means it is perfect time for a new blog devoted to what Jeff Jarvis describes as ‘exploding TV.’ A new blog that aspires to make sense of it all, and at the same time has fun doing it. Technologies, companies, people– everything will be part of the NewTeeVee?s focus. (snip) The new medium is young, and restless, and fun. ”
At the same time, more or less, Nick Denton’s Valleywag has brought Slate and Wired writer/editor Paul Boutin on as a contributor. Talk about grown-up! Paul’s lucid prose is a far cry from some of the sex snark VW did so well in the Nick Douglas days.
Sez Paul: “SVUG is a Gawker property and it’s obvious. Witty! Bloggy! Punchy! SHORT! Yet always legally defensible and informed by the AP libel guide. ”
Also describes himself as a: “45-year-old guy who lives in Pac Heights with a glamorous tech exec wife with Nob Hill Gazette-worthy connections.”
Susan sez: Isn’t it a kick how smart individuals can build digital media companies these days and command marketshare and build community with fairly low-cost tools? Oh yes, and it makes me smile that Valleywag is aging up as Om brings in the bright young things.
In matters of taste, no disputem.