• Quote of the Day

    “Trying to build your life, your career, around a discussion of sex means accepting that you will always have a fringe identity. That no matter how academic, how smart, how clean you keep it, you will always be on the edges of polite society. You will always be in the Pink Ghetto, and you will… Continue Reading

  • 12 hours in San Diego

    It’s been a whirlwind 8 hours in San Diego so far, visiting my son for the day–flying back tonight on a late flight and jumping right back into the work week. It’s cool to visit your offspring in another city and discover what a great job he’s done at making a life–relationship, school, work all… Continue Reading

  • SF ContentNext Mixer last night

    I was lucky enough to get a ride with a friend so I actually made it to the ContentNext Mixer in SF at the Palace Hotel last night. You might ask why I wanted to mingle in a ballroom filled with 500 geeks when I am both extremely short and hate big crowds, and the… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “What if the right question is: What does an open journalism company look like? How does it work? Because if traditional journalism is a closed system, it’s going to be clobbered by an “OK” open system. How can we make that open system ‘good enough?’ ” –Long-time on-line news vet Steve Yelvington, exploring the question… Continue Reading

  • Adventures in product development: The No Patrol

    Fred Wilson’s post on saying no reminded me of my own intent to write about saying no in my world of developing big scale online dating and social media applications. In many ways, my job–leading the product development/product management team–is like being the executive chef in a big kitchen–it’s my responsibility not only to determine… Continue Reading

  • Back and a birthday

    Today’s my birthday–looking back over the past year, it’s been a really good one, one of the best ever, with lots of personal growth, close friends and family and meaningful work. And all that walking, of course. Here’s to another year with more turns in the road…hopefully, mostly good ones. ( image via pinkcakebox on… Continue Reading