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The blog has a post by Max Frieert reviewing the stats on online dating services that I really enjoyed readiong. First of all, it’s got a lot of recent data around online dating sites–second of all, it shows how Yahoo! Personals is doing in an amazing competitive–and increasingly crowded–field.
Max looks at how online dating sites are doing in terms of page views, total member visits and what Max defines as engagement. There are some nifty charts and then he says:

  • Yahoo Personals grabbed the top rank on every measurement. This great overall performance shows a balance of both driving traffic to the service, and encouraging active participation.
  • While TRUE placed 2nd in visitors, its 8th rank in member logins indicates that much of this traffic came from TRUE?s intense (and apparently misguided) advertising efforts on youth oriented social networking sites. In addition True members represented a mere 8% of total visitors, less than a quarter of the market average.
  • showed that free services can be successful; 9th in terms of visitors, the site leapt to 5th in member interaction. More importantly, it was one of 5 sites with more than 10 million member visits, putting it in a class with much higher trafficked sites and besting its next competitor by a multiple of 2x.

Susan sez- Nothing like reading and interpetation ComScore data, is there? Seriously, this is rewarding information…and interesting analysis. Hope to see more posts about this topic from compete.

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  2. Brain Dancing says:

    Who cares about traffic? We, the customers, care about results. Has anyone done scientific or marketing research to document the effectiveness of online dating sites or user satisfaction?

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