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Paid Content: Peter Horan, former head of NYT’s, is heading to IAC to run their Media & Advertising group–this means that heads of, Citysearch, IAC Advertising Solutions, and IAC Consumer Applications and Portals roll up to Peter.
I heard from a n ex-AOL friend last week that Tina Sharkey had left AOL and moved West to lead BabyCenter; Paid Content has the story; I met Tina back in the day at Children’s Television Workshop (think Elmo) and she will kill in this job. Welcome to the Bay area!
Robin Wolaner’s brand-spankin’ new Teebeedee–a web site for baby boomers–has just gone into beta–it’s missing some critical features–like being able to link to friends and email others–but it looks like it will be tremendous fun–an interactive magazine of community, content and services for an upscale, we ain’t gonna grow old without a fight kind of audience.

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  1. Robin Wolaner says:

    Thanks Susan — it’s alpha not beta, so you will see the messaging features you want very soon.

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