Time’s Work in Progress: Job success tips

So, as I was checking out the new Time.com site, I came across a blog on the workplace; specifically on getting ahead in your career, especially if you are a late 20o-something corporate type (Note: I did not say clone.)
Some of the tips from expert interviewee John Challenger, CEO of Chicago-based global outplacement consultants Challenger, Gray & Christmas are worth repeating for their basic common sense:

  • Meet your boss’s boss
  • Attend all after-hours company functions
  • Meet 10 new people in your field but outside of your company

More dubious tips from the same source:

  • Remove all tattoos
  • Start a MySpace page (to get wuffie on search sites, natch)

And my favorite quote (so not relevant to most of the people I know, all of whose employers treasure their tasteful tattoos, or, at least, just don’t care.): “A tattoo is sort of like an angry blog–once you put it out there, it’s really hard to take down. It’s more or less permanent. As you hit 25, you think about your professional life, and if you’ve got some embarrassing tattoos that don’t present you in a professional way, you might want to wear clothing to hide them. “

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  1. ShawnB says:

    I agree about MySpace being a dubious way to get ahead – the few times that a MySpace linkage has risen above all else for someone in a background check has proven to be at their detriment…I recall researching a candidate and encountering his MySpace page which came across as ridiculously frat boyish with him chugging beer and clutching women, LOL!

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