Where’s Susan? Heading to i-date

So I’ll be on the East Coast this weekend and then speaking at i-date in Miami early next week. Glad to attend my first online dating conference and interested to meet many of the other folks in the space, sure I can learn alot, especially from the smaller players who have very different approaches.
Will it be Dating 3.0?
Who knows, but I will definitely share impressions–in fact, this is the first moment I am starting to think it could be time to begin–yes–podcasting (as in vlogging).

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  1. marc says:

    Hopefully, i-date won’t be the target of any lawsuits from apple or cisco for their use of “i” in idate! ;-)
    Have fun!

  2. Amy Gahran says:

    Hi, Susan
    Do me a favor — ask these people (especially Match.com) why they descriminate against poly people. Very few online dating services are poly-friendly. Grumbl grumble grumble…
    – Amy Gahran

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