• TV Guide goes microbrand: Jumptheshark.com

    Jumptheshark.com went live this week; it’s a spanking new facelift for a site run by Jon Hein that discusses TV shows that–yep–plunge downward from former greatness (or at least decent entertainment value)–and it’s got a slew of new community and interactive features for users to play with. What’s interesting here is that it’s Gemstar owner… Continue Reading

  • fatblogging Tuesday

    So Jason Calcanis has started fatblogging–his name for writing about fitness, weight loss, motivation, sweat, focus–you know, all the things you can apply to health and diet once you’re no longer working in a start up and giving that 250%. I applaud Jason’s catchy effort to be healthy and fit –just like quitting drinking— (for… Continue Reading

  • Sore, but doing fine

    Thanks for the posts and emails asking how I felt, post car rear-ending. I am just fine, thanks. Took Monday off and got shoulder checked out, took a nap, had a steam and soak that fixed things right up. Stopped for coffee with a friend afterwards and ran into some people I know…Now feel ready… Continue Reading

  • Quote(s) of the Day

    “Once upon a time, if you had some video content that you wanted to distribute, you could do it on three television stations in the days of the networks, then 100 in the days of cable. Now, thanks to this program, you can do it on literally millions of channels on the Internet.” –Kim Malone,… Continue Reading

  • Bang! Rear-ended in SF

    No, really. It’s not a metaphor, it’s what happened–yesterday afternoon, driving in San Francisco, a woman rear-ended my car. Now I know what amazingly strong back bumpers Mazdas have, but I wasn’t as lucky..I have a mean case of whiplash and what the medics called’”soft tissue”injury to the neck and shoulder, which I am translating… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the day

    “Impersonating someone online is a kind of identity theft, and on a site where you’re leaving traces of yourself, a kind of digital “Kilroy was here”, using the names and identities of other community members to make a point goes fairly powerfully against the intentions of their product. (snip) ….(But) I’ve seen the most egregious… Continue Reading

  • Noted: Friday diets

    Julie Leung’s got an inspiring post on diets and health, with links to other bloggers fighting the good fight on fitness and weight. Julie’s list: Liz Lawley Susan Mernit Jeremy Zawodny Chris Pirillo Fatblasters Jen Zug Maryam Jenny Lauck Lisa Williams Beth Grigg Jenny on the Spot (Susan sez: This is really an excuse to… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the day

    “We all build ourselves from the feedback of others. ” –Developer Shannon Clark, in a long post commenting on life, love and the who-ha kerfuffle about women, conferences and being heard that a couple of people have going on.

  • Hey, Hearst, remember Zinio and CueCat?

    Hearst Corporation’s announced their committment to saving the print paradigm and bringing it warm and kicking into the digital world–a downloadable application that allows readers to view data both with and without a live connection. Based on Windows Vista technology, the applet offers a fairly seamless push/pull technology for reading content and getting updates. The… Continue Reading