NYTimes says: Lunch is dead

“A 2005 study conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for Steelcase, an office furniture manufacturer, found that 55 percent of 700 office workers surveyed took 31 minutes for lunch, down from 36 minutes in 1996.–But that precious half-hour was not devoted to dining. Instead, workers ran errands, read or made personal calls.”
–NYTimes article on the demise of the lunch hour (and gobbling at your desk).
Bonus quote from the same article:
“When I’m interviewing someone and I see their bones protruding, I know it’s a good hire. They’re extremely disciplined.”
–NYC-based design industry recruiter Stephen Viscusi, a man with alot of pet peeves, including employees who eat at their desks.

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    Is there such a basis of selection???

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