Simply brilliant: Facebook Diaries

BizWeek’s got a story about how Facebook and Comcast are teaming up with a skilled video producer to create and package a series called Facebook Diaries. Basically, it will be a series of user-created videos that are then edited, packaged and probably enhanced by producr RJ Cutler, the Emmy-award winning documentaryproducer who created American High.
This little story captures some tremendously shrewd ideas:

  • Let the audience use the new tools to make the content
  • Hire an expert to organize, package and enhance what they create
  • Use the means of distribution (the social network) as the marketing tool to build a viewing base
  • Market to the audience (who are also the creators) on the front end as they make and upload the content, and on the backend, as they watch the finished shows
  • Create groups and social networks based on the content they create and market through those too.

Voila, the ecosystem of targeted, viral marketing, recreated–with a per user acquisition cost waaay lower, bet, than most.
And it’s focused on that 18-24 demographic.
And anyone can play, assuming they have a critical mass.
flickr travelogues anyone?
Yahoo Personals date documentaries?
You get the drill.

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  1. Ron Mwangaguhunga says:

    When is Viacom just going to buy Facebook?

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