• Quote of the Day

    “There should be people who are willing to provide personal support to others who are ostracized this way — and that support should be available regardless of gender, age, or other circumstances. I won’t support anything that only offers support to women and not men, we must help unpopular people, even people who we think… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Spring is here and the restaurants will soon be filled with anxious and hopeful couples, ordering wine, dusting off their most luminous lies, thinking they might finally have found love. Then they will see their dates’ homes for the first time.” —Joyce Wadler, writing about dating in the NY Times, in an article that reminds… Continue Reading

  • Thursday photo

    Ever been to Benicia, a small town on the Carquinez Strait ? I’ve been spending time there recently, and this picture by Ryan Fernandez reminds me of some of the walks I take. More pictures of Benicia here, including a killer sunset.

  • Is Google buying AOL?

    I got an email from a friend who spent this evening on one of NYC’s top restaurants. He said “I was seated near some people from Google and AOL who were celebrating some sort of deal. They’d signed papers and wanted to sit off by themselves so no one could hear them talk.” Does this… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day 2

    “We are under the impression that we have this brain that can do more than it often can,” –René Marois, neuroscientist and director of the Human Information Processing Laboratory at Vanderbilt University, quoted in a fascinating NYTimes piece about how multi-taskers max out their brains, creating neural network bottlenecks and causing confusion and mistakes. (Susan… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “My nephew asked what I do for a living, and I told him I write e-mails. ” — Yahoo’s Caterina Fake, t alking with a CNET reporter about her role at Yahoo! and her job “building the next flickr at Yahoo.”

  • Quote of the Day

    “I do not want to be part of a culture–the Blogosphere–where this is considered acceptable. Where the price for being a blogger is kevlar-coated skin and daughters who are tough enough to not have their “widdy biddy sensibilities offended” when they see their own mother Photoshopped into nothing more than an objectified sexual orifice, possibly… Continue Reading

  • The pile on to declare print (newspapers) dead

    Print is dying, proclaim many web folks, and you know what? When it comes to newspapers, they’re pretty much right–industrial grade paper just isn’t the medium of choice for news anymore and reporters aren’t the only people who can cover events and provide informed perspectives. Having said that–and added another log to the pyre of… Continue Reading

  • Weekend fun: Visiting Scharffen Berger

    In the unending quest to actually have weekends away from my computer, this weekend included a 5 mile walk, another shorter walk, and a visit with friends to the Scharffen Berger factory for the tour. You like factory tours? This one is a not to miss. It’s not only the free chocolate samples, it’s the… Continue Reading