Online search: The (first name) game–and why geeks show up on top

So, I spent the weekend having a weekend, and came into work today with no time to blog and…this post from Jeremy Toeman caught my attention–it’s a look at how the 50 most popular first names in the US show up in Google Search–and it’s really, I suppose–a text on how techies and bloggers have taken over some (most?) of the top links on the Big G.
Some of JT’s findings–

  • ROBERT: Need you ask? It’s Mr. Scoble (ahead of De Niro, Redford, etc)!
  • MICHAEL: Michaels Arts & Crafts Store (that’s some good SEO). Michael Jackson is first, with Arrington second, then Moore third.
  • RICHARD: Another king, Richard I of England, but he’s followed by another top blogger, Richard MacManus, who is only a few spots ahead of Richard Simmons.
  • SUSAN: Some astrologist is on top, so I’ll do my share to try to help get blogger Susan Mernit ranked higher. If you don’t read it already, I humbly suggest you subscribe to Susan’s great blog right away! (Susan sez: Yes, you are absolutely right, I was so flattered to see this–and to happy to try to boost my place in Susan land, that I wrote this post.)
  • DONNA: Congratulations to Donna Nammer, the first female blogger to own her first name on Google. I wonder if she knows Scoble?

Susan sez: Actually, Jeremy made an interesting point when he did this exercise–bloggers outrank porn stars, at least when you have Safe Search turned on. Given the way porn outranks blogging on the Web, this may be one of the only accountings where the writers win.

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  1. Shannon Clark says:

    Actually not to dimish Donna’s achievement – but my friend Mary Anne Mohanraj for many, many years had the first ranking in Google for BOTH
    – mary anne (she’s still 1st for this)
    – maryanne (now she’s 3rd after another Maryanne’s blog and a website in Australia)
    So she may be the first female blogger to do that – she’s been blogging sine 1995 as well (but used handcoded html for much of that time).
    See her website (and daily journal – i.e. her blog) at

  2. Donna says:

    I’ve known at least one other blogger who was first for their name long before I was, so I think Mary Anne’s trailblazing is safe in the annals of Internet history. I’m shocked that it took blocking my site from search engines (obviously not very thoroughly) and quitting the first blog to do it, but I’m glad to finally have bested Donna Karan to reach the top of the heap.

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