• Quote of the Day

    ” When I got back online, the most surprising thing was how little I had missed. I had 370 e-mails but most of them didn’t say anything….When the work’s not going well is exactly the time to turn the Internet off. ” –Writer Stephen Elliott, in an article in Poets & Writers Magazine about spending… Continue Reading

  • Monday Noted

    Yahoo News: Andrew Braccia leaves for Venture firm; Y! acquires right media. Reuters acquires ClearForest, atextual analytics (and data extraction?) tool. (Go, Gerry.) eBay launches auction widgets to go–embed on your website. (Susan sez: One more tool for recommendation/shopping.)

  • Snaps: Susan and Rochelle, April 2007

    My old friend Rochelle Ratner came to California and spent time with me last week (she did a series of readings for her Balancing Acts, her new poetry book). We took some snaps, and I wanted to post a couple. (Rochelle is one of the few friends shorter than I am, so the statue photo,… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “We’re extremely social creatures, and I think people in New York really suffer from an inability to really interact with people….(Yet) What level of friendliness can you possibly sustain each day if you have to say hello to everybody you meet on 34th Street?” –Susan Meiklejohn, associate professor of urban planning at Hunter College, quoted… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “I don’t see myself as a first lady. That bores me. I am not politically correct.” –Cécilia Sarkozy, wife of candidate for the French Presidency, Nicolas Sarkozy, quoted in a New York Times’ story on the unconventional relationships of the two front-runners–candidate Ségolène Royal, is not married to the father of her four children, another… Continue Reading

  • Stories of AOL

    Did you hear the one about the new portal home page that’s in beta testing, but that is just like another big company’s site? Or the one about the executive who got a call from a head-hunter asking if he’d be interested in a job at a certain portal company–working for exactly the same exec… Continue Reading

  • Quote of the Day

    “Why says that reporters are in charge of interviews anymore?” and “Are interviews about information or gotcha moments?” –Blog pundit Jeff Jarvis, commenting on a Wired reporter’s attempts to do i nterviews for a story on Tech Crunch’s Mike Arrington. (Susan sez: Of course Jeff has a lot more to say, all well worth a… Continue Reading