Noted: CEO moving to new role

IAC announced yesterday that CEO Jim Safka was moving to San Francisco to lead a new venture and that the COO was taking over. Safka’s done a good job at Match, and it is going to be interesting to see what he develops in the Bay area as he takes over what sounds like a new incubator/venture fund/M&A operation.
The press release says “The mission of the new and yet-to-be-named company will be to identify new business opportunities for IAC, ranging from start-up ventures to existing entities in various stages of development. The new company will actively seed and incubate new concepts and leverage the strength of the overall IAC network to get them launched.”

One would assume this means:
a) IAC looked at buying numerous sonets–and didn’t–and it stung
b) Acquisition is the path to growth for them
c) They are worried about their base with 18-35.

Susan sez: Funny, that sounds like just about every big company I know–but is also sounds like Safka’s going to get some neat runway to play with. Sweet.